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A special friend has requested a Gender Reveal Theme. There are many ways you can go about this and here it is,

For a Gender Reveal I suggest doing an elaborate table display with of course a few reveals outside. To start, you can do the cake or cupcakes with the candy filling of the sex of the child you are to reveal. There are many ways you can DIY or some suggest links on Pinterest can help you with your how to.

Meghan Rennirt

Other ideas of cakes, cupcakes, cake pops you can find those DIY;


Make everything Baby Blue and Pink and have them all guessing. You can blow up a bunch of pink and blue balloons and let them all float to the ceiling, give or take about 40 or so. Make sure the Black Confetti Balloon is in the middle. Choose Your Side Signs….Blue OR Pink??? Flower Vines draped around the table or walls, at entryways. Use Skirt Tutus to add flair and elegance to the table.


You can work off those desserts from those lovely pinner’s websites by going with blue and pink decorations.



For the table you could put streamers around the table and add lots of pink and blue. You could do that with just about anything, but I suggest large flower arrangements like above around the end of the table. Edible butterflies around and on the food, and of course baby feet. Have the display look like its High Tea.

  • Get some blue and pink onesies and hang them around the table one side pink and the other blue.
  • Or Hang pink Tutus and black ties cut outs from Cardstock for a banner around your table.
  • Use a white table cloth to make the colors pop

To add height you can buy Tier Tray Stands like ones shown below,

  • You could choose to have an elaborate display of pink and blue on the other
  • Fancy Tea Lights on a tier tray
  • Fancy display ware
  • Flower Vines as the backdrop to draw the eyes
  • Pink and Blue drinks



Tea Party Style


Blue and Pink Macaroons

Blue Macaroon Recipe

Pink Macaroons Recipe

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies
  1. Follow a Recipe.
  2. (Option) Before adding in the chocolate chips, dye some pink and some baby blue then add to the recipe.
Bottle Cake Pops
Use a cake pop recipe
  1. Then dip in White Chocolate Melts
  2. Use some Light PInk Fondant and mold into a snake, flatten it with your fingers and wrap I
  3. t around the top. Baby blue for the boy version.
  4. Add White Fondant to the top for the bottle spouts.

Put large plastic baby bottles that you can buy from Walmart Party Section and put them on the ends of the table. You could even go as far as to fill them with candy or toys and use them as a Guess-How-Many-Inside Game.


  • Add some Blue, Clear and Pink Jars/Bowls/ for a Candy Display, then you can just use the Cellophane bags for the party favors or plastic baby bottles as shown above.  To go with the color scheme. Wrap some nice baby pink or blue ribbon around the bottles if doing them for added appeal.
  • Can make or get a banner that says Baby Reveal, props and center pieces;                        You can use these jars for your center pieces and put pink flowers in them with clear water beads. Instead of the carnations above you could use pink roses or tulips if your date is in the spring. Then
  • .  Then you cannot go wrong with make these out of blue an pink cardstock and some Craft sticks.
  • BackDrop-  Take a photo of the pregnant belly, and if husband or one of the kids wants to put their hands on the stomach with the specific color or the baby as one photo. Then cover the Afterwards BackDrop Photo with a white sheet : Take another after, of them taking their hands off leaving the prints of either blue or pink as the afterwards photo. (This can be done before the party starts then just pull off the cover when its reveal time.) Use confetti poppers with designated color for added surprise.


  • For The Reveal
  • Or Play baseball for a more manly way to show the gender.
  • you could also get a card board box filled with either pink or blue balloons and release them, or as a real surprise you could release a bunch of black confetti balloons and have people pop them to release which sex it is. That would make a beautiful photo with all the reactions, and the confetti falling in front of everyone. Kids arms would be in the air with all of falling around them.
  • Smoke bombs with the designated color would be pretty cool too for outdoor reveals.


Party Supplies

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