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The Boss Baby Theme is Here Check it out!

 The Boss Baby is such a relatable movie that I cannot help but to design a party plan for it.




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Water Bottle Labels

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By @RockThisParty


Banner Ties

By @printablesbyrta

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Just tape on the face of the Boss Baby printed off from the computer


Print off pictures of Boss Baby and Timothy for the back drop. You can use the bottles below and use them as party favors,


Boss Baby Cookies
  1. Follow a Sugar Cookies recipe
  2. Then spread white icing
  3. Draw on the black tie with Wilton 609-1192 Black Food Writer Edible Ink Markers

Boss Baby Cake Pops

  1. Purchase some doughnut holes.
  2. Dip in Peach Chocolate Melts
  3. With Peach Fondant, you will want to mold some ears, and a nose. (You can purchase your fondant colors here
  4. With White Fondant make the eyes
  5. Blue Fondant for the irises, and Black Fondant for the Pupil.
  6. Next make cut outs with Black Cardstock of Black Ties
Magic Formula Rice Krispys
  1. Make Rice Krispy Recipe
  2. Cut out with bottle cookie Cutter. Decorate with white and blue icing.
Boss Baby Cupcakes
  1. Follow a cupcake recipe, or just get some store bought ones
  2. Print off these
  3. Cut them out and tape to tooth picks. There are your cupcake toppers.

You could do a candy display with a bunch of blue candy.


  • Pin the Tie On The Baby. Just print off a large picture of Boss Baby or purchase a poster. Then make cutouts from Black Cardstock of Black Ties.
  • Pinata
  • Play Capture the Flag- Babies vs. Puppies
  • Relay Races- Babies vs. Puppies


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