Moana Theme!!!

For my love for Hawaii I had wanted to do this theme from the Disney Movie, Moana! Here is my take on this Theme Plan.

Check it out!


Luau Table and Decorations


Make a Luau Theme for your Moana Party. Your daughter will love this...You can accomplish this look by getting a Luau Hawaiian Grass Skirt for the table or counter. Add some Hibiscus flowers in your theme, along with a flowery garland. Use Coconuts for drink and acrylic displays for your food and desserts. Then Place the characters around the table to incorporate the theme from the movie on top of some Hawaiian Leaves and flowers.

Place figures on top of some cardboard boxes. Just spray paint them white.


If your party takes place in the evening, and is outdoors, use Tiki torches and table top ones. As For the tables and doors, you could add some led crystal balls lights and tape some fake flower petals on them around each table, or hang them. Then for the doors you could tape on some door covers to make it more Hawaiian Themed. For entertainment for the kids you could do face painting and a dance party. You could set up a White Event Tent and have the buffet under there and have the guests sit around tables in front. Hang some Tiki Lights or the Crystal Led lights, and decorate the buffet tables and dishes with Edible flowers and fruits. For table set ups for guests you could do the palm leaves and some vases of flowers, or a tiki look with the grass skirt and palm leaves layed out. Pineapple center pieces with tropical flowers. May i also suggest a Tiki bar set up with umbrella for the drinks for kids and or adults.

Fruit Displays For Large Parties



Party Supplies



Moana's Costume

Each one of your child's friends could get a little grass skirt and a orchid or hibiscus hair clip  as their party favors, or a Moana Figure.



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