Tangled Theme!!


Here is the beloved Tangled Theme



The backdrop could be of Rapunzel watching the lanterns outside her tower, with her hair hanging down, looking at the Palace of Lanterns.

Hang some Red Sun Sky Lantern as decorations, then at the end of the party you could release them outside. The girls will love it and it will be a everlasting keepsake for your scrapbook. Around the table you could put some pink flowers and either draw the purple flower she draws in the movie on a table cloth or cut one out of cardstock. Then you could decorate the rest of the table with the Disney Tangled characters around the food and desserts. You could do a theme of purple and yellow, or just make the table girly with pink, purple and yellow. Who doesn’t like Table Tutu Skirts?? Instead of the ribbon that it comes with you could try and replace it with pink, as Rapunzel has a pink corset. I suggest incorporating yellow, purple, and lavender colors to your table theme.

Mural for the bedroom and Tower

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You could make the tower out of doughnuts like one mom has done, you make it out of icecream cones!!

Ice Cream Cone Tower

Take one pointy cone and turn it upside down after dipping it in purple chocolate melts. Place it on some icecream cone cups. Cut the tops to make the tower and make it as tall as you want. Leave the top one as is for the window, and then with some yellow icing pipe on her hair.




Table Settings and Vines. You can omit the fancy China and glassware, for more suitable for childern, but stay with the gold, purple and pink color scheme. Flowers are always an easy choice for center pieces. The height is always key.


 Tangled Crown For Your Princess With The Dress!

Outside decorations you could set up a cardboard stand up of Rapunzel along with some Luminary Candle Bags by Wishlantern lightening up your pathways.


Raptunzel’s Hair

Setting Off Lanterns

Coloring pages



Party Supplies


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