Mulan Theme!


Mulan Theme is Here!




Backdrops and Decorations

For the lanterns you can string them up along your ceiling in between some red and pink drapes, or hang up some large Chinese Umbrellas. You could use red or pink table cloths and for the chairs you could either wrap them with ribbons or use seat covers if you prefer. Not necessary. The centerpieces could be the Cherry Blossom Trees or just spread some around the tables with the party supplies. Or use the Cherry Blossoms to make a Tree Arrangement or Archway to your party.



Mulan Cosplay


  • Cherry Blossom Cupcakes
  • Pink, Orange and Red Candy Buffet
  • Red and Pink brownies
  • Mulan Inspired Cupcakes
  • (examples below)

Mooshu’s Pork 4 Different Ways.


Mulan’s Congee


or, you can make it as a Truffle Dessert. Remember to top the Dessert with just the Whipped Crème so you can decorate it with the fondant eggs and bacon.




Red Churro DragonTails

Follow the Recipe for the Red Churros then add some red fondant to make the end of the tail.

Chinese Pork Dumplings


The girls could make fans

Make Cherry Blossom Hair Clips. Just buy some clips then hot glue on some Cherry Blossom Flowers.

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