Transformers Theme!!


Transformers Theme for all those amazing little boy birthday parties. They deserve the very best on their special day.

Make your table into an Optimist Prime Truck.

Buy a red table cloth like shown below get some tire tubes and paint a large piece of cardboard like the front grill. You could glue some paper towel tubes together to make the exhaust stacks and put them on either end of the table. Then get 4 or 5 smaller boxes and paint them to be the hood. Paint two more large pieces of cardboard white for the windshield, then with either poster paper or cardstock make it look like the front. For the bumper just spary paint some cardboard silver and put it around the table, tape it to the table cloth or use some table cloth clamps to hold it on. Done. Or,

Just make Optimus Prime’s Head out of cardboard. It can also be made with adding on some pieces to a blue kids hard hat, paint it blue, and just use a red table cloth.





Optimis- Use some paper towel tubes spray paint them silver for the exhaust stack. Hot Glue them to both sides then paint the box red for Optimis or which ever transformer you intend to use on your table.  You can use this for decorations to display your food. Make more of each of transformer by just painting some cardboard boxes with their colors. Add on some wheels with cardstock.



For the space theme you could buy some Chinese Lanterns and either paint them with red rings and add a cardboard ring around it for Saturn. Just use a blue or red one for the other planets. Set up some black sheets and some grey bean bags for the rocks.  If you wanted to set up the transformers you could just use Transformer Airwalker Balloons, or purchase some planets.


To Display the food just use small bins or painted cardboard boxes. Then get some cupcake and cake displays and make some signs from printouts or draw your own.

Fruit Platters- With blueberries and strawberries for Optimus Prime,

Blue and Red Funnel Cake

Strawberry Cake Pops

Blue, Red and White Marbled Brownies

Optimus Prime

Berry Stars



To make a cool cosplay outfit for your kids or yourself, here is a link to an amazing artist who made his own Optimist Prime Cosplay. Your son could wear the costume and be the envy of his class and friends!

He goes into great detail to show you how to make each part of the cosplay.

Other examples of other costumes. Many people online say they use cardboard foam and regular foam. I have not made any cosplays myself so I am finding inspiration for you all. If making one is not in your party plan, just go ahead and get a simple costume online and they can wear a mask. Done.

Party Supplies



Favor Boxes

These are just too cute to not have for your favors.

Boxes made by

@NathzIdeas on go check her out.

Click Here




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