Dinosaur Birthday Theme!

1st Birthday Dinosaur Birthday Theme


For my little one’s first birthday i had done a dinosaur theme, He always gets so giddy when he sees one and smiles with such delight, so that was the perfect theme.

We did Dinosaur Masks. Don’t they just look adorable?!


The Smash Cake. I wish i had done a photoshoot, but as you know you do not get what you want done when you have 2.

Here is my son in his high chair, only dabbing at his cake.


For your kids table make the color scheme green, blue, and orange. Then add some dinosaur tails to the chairs, so the kids can wear them home as their party favors. You can buy those on Etsy.com for a decent price.

Goals of a Dinosaur Tablescape

Party Supplies and Decorations

Cake Smash Ideas


Activities for the older kids

Build a wooden dinosaur

Do a Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Dig for Dinosaurs

Let the Kids Erupt A Volcano


Make A Paper Mache Volcano for the Kids

How To. Click Here


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