1st Birthday Ideas!!


Gold and Pink

There are times when you do not know where to start for a one year old’s birthday. If you go by two colors for your theme it will still work out flawlessly and you will be the envy of your friends and family.  This one i had found online and its beautiful.  Gold and silver shimmery tassle, white cake stands and pink edible desserts. Where can you go wrong? Add the baby pink tutu to the high chair center stage and there you are.

Gold Letters for your banner. Boy or Girl

The photo doesn’t have to always be gender oriented. Girls can go green, blue and purple too.


Use a banner for a boy’s highchair.

Do Mickey Mouse.

For my first son, i had done Baby Mickey Mouse, don’t forget the Mickey Balloons and crochet outfit for that little baby bum. Add in a plushie for size comparison.

I put the mat and some decorations around the table.
Also for all the mess to come afterwards. HEHE.

Picture with Balloons



Everything Pink

Hello Kitty

I never got around to making my own cake smash photo shoot, but i know a few tricks for you all to make your own.


Headbands and Tutus

Boys Cake Smash

You can find many backdrops online to use for the cake smash. If you dont want to spend the money then a well ironed sheet will do fine. You could make your banners out of card stock. Then all you would need are your props and cake stand. Most people will not have those professional photography lights, so just make sure your in a well lit room. The best time to take pictures is during the day.


Some backdrop ideas

Or sometimes simple is better for a boys cake smash. This photographer used a simple baby blue backdrop, pom poms, balloons, and a white cake stand. Just add cookies and cookie jars filled with chocolate chip cookies. Perfection.

For boys usually just a cute tie and some pants is what most photographers have them wear.  You could always add a hat if it doesn’t block their face or a cute dinosaur tail if you were to do dinosaurs.

Or use streamers for a backdrop

Take it outside

This mom had done a Hulk Cake Smash. So cute!

Use a dinosaur egg. I wish i had seen this for my second son’s 1st birthday, as he is absolutely in love with dinosaurs. This is just too cute. The photogrpher had just pained cardboard and used cutouts to make a dinosaur back drop.

The ever so popular wooden letters photographers use. Leave them white. Or they could be spray painted, covered with scrap paper, the options are limitless. Etsy.com also has some on sale as well.


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