Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Theme!

To start you could make your table look like a unicorn. That would make yours look unique. You could achieve this by buying a rainbow tutu table skirt. Either get a light up horn or just make one from a paper towel roll and some gold glitter, or do rainbow. Tape it down to a white paper plate. Or etsy.com has one for sale that is much larger.


For a rainbow horn here is a couple links below. Return for more ideas!



Use a rainbow backdrop then have everything else be unicorns. You could get a rainbow tutu skirt and add a large unicorn horn to the center of the table. Add some whimsical flower led lights.

Party Supplies

Center pieces for the tables.

Rainbow Food and Candy Bar

Use Edible Glitter


Get a matching unicorn tail for your daughter to wear and watch her be the envy of her friends. They can make their own for another activity using yarn,  then just fray the ends with scissors. This lady on etsy makes her own for you at an affordable price.




Pin The Horn On the Unicorn

4, 5+

Girls can make their own unicorn headbands. Here are some ideas. If they’re older than 6 you could help them hot glue on some flowers to a headband. You can either buy some already made and then the girls will just add on the flowers or unicorn hair, or glitter to a horn and no flowers.  If the girls are young then maybe paint a paper towel roll horn that you will have to make in advance before the party begins.

 Tie some frayed ribbon

DIY Headbands To Make Post Party

3-2 years

Face Painting Ideas!!

Make Up For Mom


Coloring pages. Link Below for Free Printable Pages. You could even go as far as letting put some Elmer’s Glue on the tail and decorate with some glitter and stickers.

they could just decorate a ice cream cone with sprinkles.


Unicorn Pinata

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