My Little Pony Theme

 Add some Decorative Wood Letters in your daughter’s name.  These can also be bought as is or made-to-order. Purchase them at my store. 

Decorations and Supplies


For the table why not use a Fuscia sequin table runner, and a rainbow tutu table skirt

Add some Plushies

Give them out as party favors or let your daughter keep them all!


Add some tails to your party chairs, and some My LIttle Pony Hats at their place settings.

Tails made by


Click Here

Hats by @MyGeekISChic

Don’t forget yourself. Hers a mane for you Moms!!

Hair by @DrunkandDizOrderly

Click Here.


Click Here

Cake and Cupcake Tier Displays for purchase on the blog page. A Variety of colors and types are shown with their prices.



My Little Pony Food

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Cake Pops

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Click Here 

Cake Ideas


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