My Little Family

As a SAHM I have the luxury of planning my two son’s birthday themes and would like to share them with you. My two son’s are now 2 and 5 with myself being at my prime of 32 years. I moved to the lovely state of Indiana to be with my husband of now 7 years. We had just celebrated our Anniversary last April!! We’re very much in love and he has inspired me to pursue on my creative path to success. Hopefully by the time my two sons are well on their way to school fulltime I can get started on my other dream to make Cosplay for those Geeky Gamer Loves such as myself. Being a mom sure has its challenges and I know planning a birthday is not only time consuming but tiring. With trying to find someone to babysit to finding and buying all that you need to succeed in your inspired dreams of making your party a success. A few friends have asked for some advice as to what to choose for their kids birthdays so I thought I would start a blog. Here we are!